Fate & Fortune September 2021

Did lockdown make you psychic? Our special report investigates if the pandemic has had a mysterious effect on our minds.
My birth partner was a ghost! Stacie’s late mum in law moved heaven and earth to meet her grandchildren.
Was America’s weirdest house built by ghosts? Psychic Detective Nicky Alan looks at the Winchester Mystery House
Plague Pit Horror. Becki and her family ignored the man’s warning—soon they were paying for it….
Taunted by phantom that made us ill. Alison had big dreams for her new home, but the message was clear; get out and stay out!
Angels helped me win £3,000! Jane’s got a ‘lotto’ help from above!
Animal Magic Oracle. Celebrate the spring equinox and find joy every day!

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Fate & Fortune September 2021