Fate & Fortune May 2022

Are we running out of ghosts? As we help increasing numbers of spirits cross over to the other side, we investigate whether there’s less of them left behind than ever before.  

Guardian ghost saved my family from gassing. Fiona Findlay grew up sharing a room with someone she couldn’t see, but whatever it was soon proved it had always looked out for her.  

Get your witchy fix on Facebook! Forget covens gathering in forests, today you’re more likely to find witches on social media.  Our report shows you how to break into their secret world.  

Spirits tricked me into buying a haunted house! Ghosts were soon taking over Melanie Kellaway’s  house—and even listening in on her phone calls.

The criminally creepy. In this month’s Notoriously Haunted, we investigate The True Crime Museum in Hastings where deadly spooks roam free!

The Lego brick of love. After Sue Bordley’s dad passed away, she began to find little plastic blocks around just when she needed them most…

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Fate & Fortune May 2022