Fate & Fortune June 2022


My monster challenge. Mike Covell hunts Britain’s scariest creatures and he won’t stop until he’s found them all!

 I run a hospital staffed by the dead! Psychic Paula Mary Harmstone-Weller heals her clients with the help of a whole team of spooky medical experts…and even her receptionist is a ghost!

 Aliens…in Yorkshire? This month, our psychic detective Nicky Alan teams up with her spirit guides to investigate the case of the missing miner who, some say, died of supernatural causes

 Dreams do come true! This month, Neptune, the planet of dreams, intuition and psychic insight turns retrograde. Our special feature shows you how to use its power to see into the future and achieve your goals

 Boozy spirit left me scared to pee. Kelly Rowing’s evil entity hid a terrible secret that would push her to her limits  

 The Happiness prescription. In this month’s issue, discover which crystals can cleanse your aura and how a glass of water can dispel negative energy while you sleep!

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Fate & Fortune June 2022