Fate & Fortune June 2020

How to predict your future with tarot, angel cards and oracle decks

We delve into the world of divination cards and explore the different types available to you, their history, when best to use them and how.

Text terror: Evil spirit sent me messages from hell

All Terry wanted to do was contact his wife in Spirit, but instead something sinister stepped through the door he opened…

Summer spells to boost your cash

Our witch that makes you rich talks about tapping into the power of the Summer Solstice and sun’s phases to boost your bank balance and bring luck

Heaven loaned me an angel

When Tina’s son fell ill, and strange things started happening, she realised how special he really was.

Ouija board’s life-saving warning

What started as a bit of fun soon took a shocking turn but may just have saved someone’s life.

Achieve your dreams with our rune oracle

This month’s oracle features a deck that uses ancient runic symbols to reveal your hidden fears and challenges as well as your potential.

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Fate & Fortune June 2020