Fate & Fortune July 2020

Head: When BAD luck is… GOOD!

Smashed your phone screen? Washing machine flooded the kitchen? Maybe it’s not as terrible as you think. Our special feature reveals how some mishaps are heaven sent.

HEAD: Stalked by the dark man

A sinister spirit had been plaguing Jale Antor since her childhood leaving her with spooky scratches and terrifying visions. It wouldn’t be long until she would discover why after her ghost’s terrifying—and very grisly—history was revealed.

Head: Light up your life

Visit the mystical world of a lost civilisation with our amazing oracle which connects you with their ancient wisdom to make your dreams come true.

Head: Angels grant all my wishes

After Ruthy Baker found herself £30,000 in debt and her marriage crumbling, she called on the heavens for help. Not only did the angels help, but they’ve never stopped giving!

Head: Death didn’t stop him

Leanne Winter struggled with terrible a drug addiction, which her loving dad had tried to talk her out of.  But when he sent the same message from Heaven, it was time to finally listen.

Head: Spirit saved my life

Robert Lee was at rock bottom, but despair was about to turn to joy when a special person set him along his amazing psychic path.

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Fate & Fortune July 2020