Fate & Fortune January 2022

Bumper Stars! Our 13 page stars special reveals your amazing in depth horoscopes for 2022.

A very helpful haunting! A creepy hooded figure had attached itself to Antonia Bernandez so why was she not scared?

The Witch That Makes you Rich shows you how to use your festive leftovers to attract luck!

Clumsy spirit left portal open in our house! Lauren Walton had a constant stream of spirits in her home, but some were more welcome than others…

I dreaded the dead- until ghost saved my life twice! Juel Stokes was desperate to move from her haunted flat until the spirits showed how much they wanted her to stick around.

Discover how to change your destiny: In January our minds often turn to what we want from the year ahead. Find out if you’re on the right track—and how to change course if you’re not!

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Fate & Fortune January 2022