Fate & Fortune December 2021

Watch if you dare! A phantom tried to destroy Mark Ponting’s video of it- and now it haunts whoever watches!

Saved by skulls- When Jo Dickinson needed a career change, her crystal skulls put their heads together.

Driven out by a black magic curse- Instead of being the answer to Erene Holland’s prayers, the bungalow in the woods held a sinister secret.

Who you gonna call? Our special feature shows you how to get heavenly helpers to solve all your worries.

Magic wrapped! This year, sales of crystals, card decks and all things witchy are soaring. Find out why and read our magical gift guide!

Yuletide blessings! Find calm with our magical winter oracle

Captive souls- In this month’s Notoriously Haunted we take a look at Oxford Castle and Prison where the dead still seek justice.  

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Fate & Fortune December 2021