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The most important rule of a Deadpool movie is, never play by the rules. Fourth walls are to be broken, tropes are to be dismantled, and obvious choices are to be ignored at all costs. And so, the upcoming third big-screen outing for Ryan Reynolds’ Merc With A Mouth is ripping up that rulebook once again, not just bringing back the katana-wielding chaos agent for the regular threequel, but launching him firmly into the realm of Marvel Studios, and pairing him – at long, long last – with none other than Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Get ready for the ultimate Marvel team-up in Deadpool & Wolverine, a bloody buddy comedy like no other – it’s going to be non-stop mutant mayhem.


The new issue of Empire takes a major, world-exclusive dive into the Deadpooliest Deadpool movie yet, digging into the secrets of an MCU movie set to bring the X-factor. Inside, we speak to Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Kevin Feige and more to get the full story on Deadpool’s return – talking his no-holds-barred arrival into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his all-new partnership with Wolverine, and, yes, the arrival of four-legged friend Dogpool. Plus, Jackman talks his journey back to the claws, Feige discusses his plan to wrangle mutants into the MCU, and Reynolds and Jackman open up on their long-time friendship. All that, and the issue is packed with never-before-seen images from the film, offering your best look yet at what’s in store when these two titans collide. Hold on to your chimichangas.


All that, and there’s tons more inside the issue – talking the Bad Boys 4 life with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence; going on an emotional journey with the making of Inside Out 2; heading back to the ‘80s for Ti West’s slasher trilogy-capper MaXXXine; picking up the shield with Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson in an exclusive new look at Captain America: Brave New World; getting up close and personal with Lily Gladstone after the success of Killers Of The Flower Moon; and much, much more. It’s a must-have issue you’ll be desperate to get your adamantium claws on.

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Empire Summer 2024 - SOLD OUT