Empire 101 Movie Masters

Empire Magazine has a brand new one-shot to share with the world – The Empire 101 Movie Masterpieces Special Edition.  A bumper, 196-page guide to Movie Masterpieces is now on sale, celebrating, exploring and delving into some of the greatest movies committed to celluloid.

There are 101 of masterpieces in total, spanning cinema’s entire history, from D.W. Griffith’s Intolerance to Pan’s Labyrinth. Each is an undisputed classic; each explored, examined, poked with a stick and revelled in with all the passion and gusto you’d expect from your friends at Empire.

Have it as a TV-side almanac to steer your next movie nights, use it as a reference guide for your film studies course, buy it as an early Christmas present, or (like us) just put it on your coffee table to look a bit more knowledgeable.

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