Empire November 2023

It’s always an exciting time in cinema when a new David Fincher movie is on the horizon. The modern master of suspense, Fincher’s filmography ranges from chilling murder-mysteries such as Seven and Zodiac to the generations-spanning romance of The Curious Tale Of Benjamin Button, neo-noir The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and true-life tale The Social Network. Now, he’s about to unleash bold new thriller The Killer, a new kind of hitman movie starring Michael Fassbender (in his first role since 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix) as a meticulous professional assassin whose life spirals out of control when a job goes wrong.

The new issue of Empire features the most in-depth look at the movie you’ll find anywhere on Earth – including an access-all-areas on-set report from three locations across the globe, following Fincher and his crew and witnessing his precise, pulse-pounding filmmaking in action. We have brand-new interviews with Fincher and Fassbender from on set about what makes their mysterious eponymous killer tick, how they’re putting the audience inside his head, their process of working together, pulling off incredible stunt sequences and much, much more. And in a rare, revealing additional retrospective interview, Fincher looks back at some of the most stand-out shots from across his entire career – from Ben Affleck’s cringeworthy smile in Gone Girl, to Panic Room’s swooping long-take, and more – sharing the fascinating stories of how they came to be.

The newsstand cover for our David Fincher special is a moody, rain-splattered compilation of some of his most iconic characters – Morgan Freeman’s Detective Somerset from Seven, Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden from Fight Club, Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the Zodiac killer, Rosamund Pike’s Amy Dunne from Gone Girl, and Michael Fassbender’s new hitman protagonist – illustrated exclusively for Empire by Paul Shipper.

Trust us – this issue is all Killer, no filler.

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Empire November 2023