How To Download A Digital Magazine

If you’re not sure how subscribe or purchase a digital magazine works but you’d like to know how, follow our how to steps below and you’ll be enjoying your favourite ‘digital’ magazine in no time!

1. Choose your magazine

At there's plenty to choose from! Browse through our 'Single Digital Issues' or 'Our Magazines' pages to search, or if you know which magazine you want just choose from the list and pick the digital magazine options from the page. Most of our magazines are now available digitally. Look out for the Apple and Android icons to see if your digital issue will work on 'Apple' or 'Android' devices. 

2. Choose your subscription offer

When you arrive at the magazine offer page for the selected magazine you'll see a selection of offers. (ensure you have selected the 'Digital' option if subscribing').
For UK customers you can choose to pay by direct debit - which is a recurring payment set up at your bank, and is usually the cheapest price!  For all other orders you can pay by debit or credit card.

3. Purchase your digital subscription or back issue and we'll send you a confirmation email

Once you've decided, simply click the "Add to Basket button and we'll take you to the basket page.  From here you can either continue shopping or continue to our checkout.

Once you've completed the payment process, we will you send you a confirmation email with all the details you need to now access your digital magazine via the App store.

4. Grab your device(tablet or smartphone) and then visit your app store (iTunes for Apple or Google Play for Android).

Now you are in the app store, search for the magazine and from here you will need to download the App. Once this is complete, you can now open the App and get ready to sign in!

5. Signing in to your subscription

On your device, open the app and tap "sign in", then "create an account". Your customer number that is required to create an account can be found in the confirmation email we sent you.

Now you're account is set up all you have to do is enjoy your digital magazine! We'll deliver each new issue straight into the App, and make sure all your previous issues are stored.

6. Enjoy!  Now your favourite magazine will be available to read wherever you are!

If you’d like to watch our digital guide videos click here

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