Crime Monthly Print Issue 34

Crime Monthly is perfect for anyone obsessed with true crime. The magazine is packed with the biggest investigations, cold-cases and interviews with leading experts. 

This issue, a father’s dark secret ends in fatal consequences, Porn star Ron Jeremy’s trial, and the true story behind upcoming drama Four Lives. Plus, the shocking truth about the Ken and Barbie serial killers, Honeymoon Homicides, and the devastating murders of Arthur and Star.Let us deliver Issue 34 of Crime Monthly Magazine direct to your doorstep.

Crime Monthly magazine is a magazine dedicated to true crime, where you’ll find in-depth features on some of the biggest investigations, cold-cases solved, interviews with leading experts, and so much more. We’ve even got your essential true-crime entertainment guide for the month ahead.

Order your copy today, or better still, take out a subscription to Crime Monthly Magazine.

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Crime Monthly Print Issue 34