Country Walking November 2020

The stuff Britain's made of: the secrets of our incredible landscapes – and where to walk them at their best

The story of Britain begins 700 million years ago somewhere near the south pole – between then and now it’s been on an incredible journey that’s afforded us some of the most varied and beautiful landscapes to walk anywhere in the world.

This edition of the country’s biggest-selling outdoors magazine equips you with x-ray vision and a dazzling perspective from which to see the world in which we walk. Discover what shaped our white cliffs and mighty mountains, our beautiful downs and magnificent moorland, wildflower-rich meadows, wildernesses, brooks and beaches – and walk the lot with even more appetite and wonder than before!

  • Also inside – At 100 years old, the amazing story of Rupert Bear’s Snowdonia is finally told.
  • Free winter gear guide – showcasing the best of the year’s cosy clobber.
  • Where to walk underground – and why it will open your eyes.
  • A day in life of (and on the trail with) a Lake District ranger
  • How to buy British from head to toe – and support our homegrown heroes who really know the weather!
  • A weekend of walking planned based in Hay-on-Wye.
  • Stuart Maconie and much, much more.

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Country Walking November 2020