Country Walking March 2022

Country Walking March 22: The issue we left to a roll of the dice…

We had our hearts in our mouths when we put the new edition of CW (official magazine of #walk1000miles) together – because we left a lot of the most important decisions to chance. Why? Not because we were feeling reckless but because we wanted to prove a point. We’re so confident there are great walks to be had everywhere, we let a random number generator pick the maps where we’d walk for all our features this month. The results took us places new, forced out of our unconscious ruts and introduced us to some wonderful stories we might never otherwise have been able to tell. Join our odyssey and discover somewhere new today!

Also inside

  • Walking versus aging: why you don’t HAVE to get old
  • Waterproof jackets: the big test
  • Your 2022 #Walk1000miles Progress Chart’s inside the back cover
  • 27 routes all over the country

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Country Walking March 2022