Country Walking December 2020

County Walking December 2020 – We love maps!

Beautiful passports to freedom, companions in adventure, storehouses for memories – we LOVE maps and we know you do too. And whether you’re a bit daunted by them or you’re a life-long lover, we’ve worked hard to bring them to vidid life for you – to help you get more out of them, lead you to wonderful new discoveries and give you the confidence to lead a life more fully lived on foot.

There’s no better use of lockdown than to learn more about maps, travel in your mind and make grand plans!


  • The 10 maps EVERY walker should own (and you could spend a wonderful lifetime roaming).
  • Long live the trig pillar! – The full story of the humble post with a heroic role in all our walking lives (and why they’re great fun to collect today, in their long retirement).
  • All the things your map is dying to tell you – plus 13 amazing things you never new about maps.
  • How to make your own map – a wonderful project you’ll treasure for ever.
  • How to walk into deep history – a world of woolly mammoths and scimitar-toothed cats.
  • Gear of the Year – Our testers reveal the personal choices they’d recommend to a friend (you) after a year on the trails.
  • A weekend of walking planned based in Coniston.
  • Stuart Maconie and much, much more.

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Country Walking December 2020