Mojo: The Collectors Series: Paul Weller - Edition 2

MOJO The Collectors’ Series: PAUL WELLER Modern Classics 1991-2019

 MOJO is delighted to present the second of two deluxe bookazines bringing together its finest writing on PAUL WELLER, legendary British solo artist and leader of The Jam and The Style Council.

 With insightful features and classic interviews, plus dozens of rare and iconic photographs, this second deluxe 132-page magazine unfolds Paul Weller’s mercurial solo years, beginning with his return to playing small venues when the record industry turned its back on him in the early ’90s, to his hard-fought comeback in the Britpop years which saw him top the charts again with the peerless albums *Wildwood, *Stanley Road and *Heavy Soul, and then beyond to his present phase as restless, 60-something musical adventurer.

The in-depth features include an account of Paul’s bold decision to strap on a guitar again in 1991 and try to re-establish himself as a successful rock musician, to a fascinating fly-on-the-wall report of his Japan ’94 tour and several boozy encounters with the singer in the early 2000s when he was coming to terms with middle-age and his second experience of fame. The magazine ends with the highly personal interview he gave to MOJO last year.

This magazine’s predecessor, MODERN CLASSICS 1958-1990, looking in detail at Weller’s formative years with The Jam and The Style Council, and which comes in a special wallet with room for both volumes, is still available to order from

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Mojo: The Collectors Series: Paul Weller - Edition 2