LRO: Guide to Classics

LRO Guide to Classics: What makes a Land Rover a classic, rather than just an old vehicle? Nostalgia: they help enthusiasts recall their earliest days of bouncing around fields or going on adventures (any journey feels more of an adventure in an old Land Rover). Or they’re the vehicles people always wanted to own but never had the money to buy when they were new.

As relatively affordable classics today, which will either hold or go up in value, they make great buys...

This guide features some of Land Rover Owner International magazine's favourite articles on Series and Range Rover classics and should show how rewarding and simple they are to own, drive, restore and enjoy.

  • - 100 pages of pure retro
  • - Restoring and rebuilding guides
  • - Awesome adventure articles on Series and Range Rover Classics

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LRO: Guide to Classics