Classic Car Weekly - MG Sports Cars

MG Sports Cars is packed with road tests, nostalgia and buying tips covering more than nine decades of the marque’s greatest roadsters, saloons, coupés and hot hatches.

This 100-page special issue magazine, created by experts including Nick Larkin, Keith Adams and David Simister brings together everything from Cecil Kimber’s earliest creations in Abingdon to the ZR, ZS and ZT of the Noughties.

It’s a nostalgic look back at the wonderful driver’s cars that made MG a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, and packed with big sellers like the TD Midget, MGB and MGF and exploring some lesser-known tales from Abingdon’s illustrious history.

Whether you’ve already got an MG in your garage or are thinking about buying one, make sure that you don’t miss out on your copy.

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Classic Car Weekly - MG Sports Cars