Car Mechanics June 2020

Welcome to the June 2020 issue of Car Mechanics.

For our opening feature we look at why modern engines are becoming dirtier internally than before – while working out what we can do to rid them of crud. Our project Audi A4 cabriolet 1.8T needs a new front wheel bearing and the brakes require attention also. Intercooler upgrades on the MINI Cooper S from Forge Motorsport for fitment to the R53 and R56 models is shown in step-by-step pictures sequence.

With the current UK MOT system having a six-month extension from March 31st 2020, we look at what other countries are doing to check vehicle roadworthiness. A topical subject next – how to avoid coronavirus in your car… 7 steps to decontaminate your vehicle.

Finding new and used parts for the 2006-2012 Porsche Cayman. In our buying guide we look at the Mitsubishi Colt Z30 from 2002-2013. Our Back-to-Basics series looks at servicing brake discs and pads.

With car theft still on the rise, we take a look at car security. A Fiat Panda 1.2 second-generation is in our workshop this month and an easy DIY home task. A Peugeot 107 998cc is the subject car in our Electronic Diagnostics series. 

Plus, all our regular features (including 12 pages of your car problems solved by our experts) and much, much more…

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Car Mechanics June 2020