Car Mechanics December 2019

In this issue of Car Mechanics:

Mechatronics units Direct-shift gearboxes were made available by Volkswagen Audi Group from 2003. They are increasingly popular. However, problems do occur and mainly the mechatronics unit is at fault. Find out how to fix them.

FUCHS lubricants visit We head off to Stoke-on-Trent to see behind the scenes at the FUCHS UK Technology Centre.

Cat ‘S’ repairs A 2014 Jaguar XF has taken a hard hit to the offside front. Watch as we see how to fix the damage and make ready for the road.

Fiat Panda How to pick the best Panda from the 2004-2011 model line-up.

Range Rover Evoque Locating new and used parts for the 2011-2018 models.

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Car Mechanics December 2019