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Greatmagazines.co.uk is a UK dedicated magazine website, offering a variety of different magazine offers such as magazine subscriptions and single copy issues.

Greatmagazines.co.uk is owned and managed by the Bauer Media Group, Europe’s largest privately-owned media group, since 2008. Founded in Hamburg in 1875, the Bauer Media Group operates in 13 countries including the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA and has 15,000 employees. As a publisher owned website Greatmagazines.co.uk is a website you can trust! We publish magazines in the UK such as heat, Grazia, CAR, Modern Gardens, Empire, MCN and Today's Golfer.

For more information on Bauer Media, please visit www.bauermedia.co.uk

Within the site you'll be able to browse our magazines, view our special offers and pay via multiple payment methods to suit you.

We now offer Memberships on a range of titles. Our memberships are available with our digital only or print + digital membership plans, giving you access to the current and previous back issues, the ability to read or listen to articles via the new app, access to member-only rewards and discounts, exclusive content from the editor and much more!

We have 3 magazine subscription options to choose from;

A Print magazine subscription is our most popular choice as you can enjoy the feel of the magazine in your hands and benefit from having it delivered directly to your door before it hits the shops.

A digital magazine subscription where you’ll benefit from being able to download the latest issue instantly to your device. Our digital magazines still include all the wonderful content of the print magazine but offer an enhanced and sometimes interactive experience.

Or we have the Print & Digital Package magazine subscription – a double subscription which combines the benefits of both a print and a digital magazine subscription at just a fraction of the full price.

Also available across the site are our full range of single magazine copies and back issues and special edition issues.