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Yours is the only age friendly magazine that celebrates nostalgia and encourages women to make the most of all aspects of life. Packed full of information, from fascinating stories, news, celebrity interviews, puzzles, recipes and more, Yours is both a trusted and entertaining read, that truly understands you.

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Yours just £1.15 an issue + DHC Beauty gift worth £38.50!

Yours just £1.15 an issue + DHC Beauty gift worth £38.50!

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Sharon Reid

Yours editor, Sharon Reid says:

Why subscribe to Yours? Because youíll find everything you need to make your life better at 50+. No other magazine understands you the way that we do Ė or is as dedicated to helping you make the most of your life today. Come and join the Yours community and find out what youíre missing!

Sharon Reid

Our subscribers say...

Most interesting magazine on the market with articles that particularly appeal to the older generation. Keep up the good work.

My wife and I enjoy the magazine and we wanted to make sure that we always had the latest issue. It was not always very easy to get to a newsagent and sometimes the magazine was sold out before we got there. By subscribing we are now sure of getting every issue every time and as soon as the magazine appears. As a bonus the subscription rate provided savings on the cost of the magazine and, as old age pensioners on a limited budget, every penny saved means a lot to us.

As I have a mobility problem, it was much easier and convenient to have it delivered through the mail. It means I never miss an issue also, as I pay by D/D I donít worry that sometimes, I may not have the cash in my purse to get it at the local newsagent. I would not like to miss out on my Yours magazine ever, it is in my opinion the best read and informative of any other I have come across.

The first time I read Yours magazine a few years ago, I enjoyed it so much that I immediately 'signed up' to a subscription - it saved me having to remember the publication date of future issues. Having Yours magazine delivered every fortnight is like 'putting the world to rights' with a close friend over a mug of coffee.

It is easier for me to subscribe so that Yours is put through the door rather than remembering to go and buy one at the shop. I do not want to miss an issue as I find that there is so much useful information and interesting reading in every magazine.